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Golden Technologies is a group of idea people. No, not that kind. We actually make stuff.

If you ask 100 web designers if they are "ideas people," they'll snort back, "Yes, of course." 99 of them are lying. Ok, well we haven't done the research on that, but still. We don't sit around on ergonomic kneeling chairs and toss around the "idea ball," we're just good at what we do. We will uncover new ways to make you more efficient and conjure up ideas that will bring you more attention.

Content Management

The world of websites has become an interesting place to be. Everyone's cousin can buy a template and build a wordpress site. “Content management” has become synonymous with WordPress, Drupal, or the others. At Golden Media we do some information gathering, get every piece of potential content from your organization, and plan out the best way to manage that content. From text, to video, to anything else you can think of. We build a custom-tailored framework for your web presence.

Database Creation

Of course every website we make has a database. So why do we list this as one of our key services? Because we do it better. Because the database sits behind the scenes, its easy to overlook. If the site works, that database must be good, right? Wrong. We make it a point to draw out in-depth database schemas, understand the flow of information, and most importantly, we build the database with the future in mind--saving time and money in the future.

Mobile Applications

Its no big secret, the web has gone mobile. Hopefully that news isn’t shocking, but here is something that is: Preparing your digital presence for mobile use will likely gain you entrance to new markets and new customers. But mobile applications aren’t just about translating websites into phone-size. Lets sit down and talk about some ways that we can leverage the technology of mobile phones and tablets to do a bit more. Lets bake your company’s marketing into an entirely new mobile product.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of those funny phrases. As with pawn brokers or payday loans, the public has a healthy cynicism about digital marketers. First, let us apologize on behalf of every ‘SEO Guru’, ‘Social Media Consultant’, or other power-titled know-nothing. We are working hard to restore the good name of digital marketing. To do so, we use hard numbers, empirical psychology, and time-tested advertising best-practices. Lets sit down over a drink and talk about it.


Sometimes we get wrapped up, in the marketing world, with “driving traffic.” We lose sight of what’s really important--what that traffic does when it gets to the site. We would all rather have 1000 visits and 100 conversions than 10,000 visits and 10 conversions. We spend countless hours buried in analytics, research, and usability statistics, ensuring that we’re at the top of our game to keep your site consistently working to move traffic the way you want it moved.

Creating Efficiency

The founders of Golden Tech are not web experts, they are not technology consultants, or software engineers, and they are not graphic designers. They are engineers. They have Six Sigma blackbelts. Everything we do is about making businesses efficient. There is no reason a website should be an exception. Our website campaigns are designed to constantly reevaluate themselves. Oh, and we have awesome designers and brilliant computer scientists too.

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Beriah Dutcher

Beriah Dutcher

Project Architect
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Samuel Maule

Project Manager

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